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APMEX, Inc., based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is the world's largest online retailer of precious metals, with over $11 billion in transactions since its founding in 2000. The company offers more than 20,000 Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium coins, bars, bullion rounds, collectibles and other numismatics products from various mints around the world.

A customer they lost talks about on ConsumerAffairs "I was offended by the coins APMEX shipped me for my order. I purchased multiple rolls of supposedly "Brilliant Uncirculated" coins at the going retail price. The coins I received were absolute GARBAGE. I could not give these coins away. I felt ripped off enough to the point that I deleted/closed my APMEX and I will never do business with them again. They should be ASHAMED of themselves for the garbage coins they sent me. Complete waste of time".


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Employee (Current Employee) says

"Working at Apmex for the last 2 years has been like working on the Deathstar, it’s incredibly stark and totally dictated by a culture of fear. If you enjoy making one man rich along with a handful of executives, you’ll love working at Apmex.Free lunchHaving your soul sucked out of you day by day."

Operation and Fulfillment (Former Employee) says

"If you have no life then go ahead and work here. 12-13 hours shift Monday - Friday "mandatory" and even on Saturdays and Sundays too. Also, if you work in operation and fulfillment, you better become best friend with the supervisor and management there. I only survived there due to knowing high up managements even though i worked at the bottom.free lunch " sandwiches and salads"everything"

Merchandising (Former Employee) says

"The culture of this place has completely changed. If you aren't willing to be available 24/7 and respond in questions, you are considered a terrible employee. Upper management was very disrespectful and constantly talked about other employees in front of others. They are constantly firing people and leave insecure about your job.Free lunchTerrible management"

Puller (Former Employee) says

"the management only care about their bonuses, despite working us all day for a full week straight. you dont have anytime to see your family or do anything outside of work, do to the face that when you get home its bed time and work is in a few hours. (ie. we would go in at 7 a.m. and get out anywhere from 8-10 p.m.) and when you work so hard for a Saturday and they decide that they want everyone to come in, i you dont show you get pointed. overall the compensation isnt of free lunches is not enough for the 65+ hour work weeks.Free Lunches, comes with access to a fully stocked soda machine and salad bar.work 12-14 hour days Monday-Friday and when they say you have to give up your Saturdays too."

Double Checker, Receiving and Puller (Former Employee) says

"Basement 12 hours of the day. Free lunch is cool but you get tired of it. Management is all numbers that's all that matters. Favorites in every Dept."

Inventory and End Line Specialist (Former Employee) says

"A typical day included filling orders making sure they reached the customers in a timely and accurate manner. Overtime was sometimes expected and other times it was a surprise. But it was mandatory.I learned about manipulating numbers so that the company looked efficient on paper. I also learned a lot about precious metal and coin products as well as human relations.Lower end management were grandfathered in and most of them seemed to be "yes men" who only cared for self. Upper management of the more technical departments were like night and day. They were the nicest, most professional people I'd ever dealt with inside the company.The co-workers are about average. Some more pleasant to be around than others.The most difficult part of the job was unexpected moment's notice of having to work mandatory overtime AND to maintain interest and accuracy. Other difficulties included having limited access to internet and other personally enjoyable coping mechanisms that other departments enjoyed.The most enjoyable part of the job is that the owner actually worked with us during busy times to get packages out.they supplied coffee, cable tv, and uniforms for those who wanted them. most areas were able to work by the honor system (breaks, headphones and flexibility at work) so long as work was the priority.the most physical group of employees could not enjoy all the perks, due to managers' discretion."

Magazijnier-heftruck chauffeur (Former Employee) says

"Na een jaar of drie er gewerkt te hebben begonnen de werkomstandigheden te veranderen. Namelijk de directie begon meer en meer te profiteren van de werkkrachten. Na verschillende gesprekken met de directie die niet wou ingaan op de verzuchtingen vd werknemers heb ik het bedrijf verlaten.Goede uren dicht bij huisDe directie"


"The typical day at work could begin by telling you that you'd have to work five additional hours. Ok so they've given you the veggies first. Then they'd feed you the numbers to let you know what kind of day it would be. By the end of the day, someone's math was usually flawed.Values were ok but they never lived by them. Team work went out the window soon as meetings were finished. If you didn't raise trouble, the job was secure, but you weren't moving up. They typically picked their own for advancement far before the positions became open. Management was grandfathered in from when the company was small, therefore did not have people skills. Management would hide information from us in order to make us move faster. They eventually went from quality to quantity production style management. Life balance was a bit rough because a person could be punished for using time allowed by the handbook. It depended on how the company felt about intent. However, you did have the option of having time off from time to time. The most difficult part was paying full attention for 8-12 hours a day not knowing when you'd leave. Doing this while working in a basement with no music and no room for error. The most enjoyable part was the people I worked next to at times. One hour lunch, Downtown OKC, Usually closed on SundaysStay late Mon thru Thurs and get sent home early of Friday to avoid overtime, Unpredictable work days, Worked in basement"

Quality Control Operations Associate (Former Employee) says

"Working here was fun at first, but then you see that the long work hours with no set schedule, and lack of promotions or advancement outweigh the free lunch.Free 1 hr lunchUnpredictable Schedule"

Product Management Operations Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Management was not great, did not give people fair opportunities. Employees would prove their worth and it would be overlooked frequently. Didn't trust employees about getting their jobs done."

Fulfillment Associate (Current Employee) says

"They say the work is seasonal, but I have yet to work less than 50 plus hours a week after a year with this company. More often than not you will work at least 10 hour days and will work 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. It is not uncommon for management to work us on Saturdays and Sundays. However, they do try to make the work environment as pleasant as possible. They provide mats for standing on, fans to generate air flow, a filtered drinking water system and many other perks. They also almost always call for food delivery if we work until 8:00 PM. Management isn't very concerned about enriching your job or product knowledge. You will learn a lot from your coworkers. The founders organize and contribute major funds to the Regional Oklahoma Food Bank. The employees rally during fun week to generate funds through friendly workplace competitions and sales of baked goods etc. This is really something to be proud of in a work place. The founder has often said he wanted to have a company where he would want to work. He has definitely made it so for the most part.Great benefits, free lunch, clothes, and company functions.Not enough time outside of work. Poor communication from middle management."

Retail Purchasing Manager / Wholesale Trader (Current Employee) says

"Working at APMEX was generally fast paced and enjoyable, the pay is very competitive. The leadership is slightly vindictive and very quick to terminate employees or even entire departments. For a company of around 200 people it had the highest turnover rate in mid and upper management and high end sales positions. The company executives have a hard time putting forth a cohesive vision for the company, switching their mission statement and focus several times in the last few years. Once APMEX decides what it's vision truly is and sticks with it I think it will really improve as a place for employment.Free Lunches, lot's of giveaways, generous bonus planHigh turnover, owners expects too much overtime, vindictive leadership"

Puller (Current Employee) says

"Somewhat understanding but now if you decide to work there you will no longer have a life, because you will be working 7am-8pm and more than likely every saturday.free sandwich and salad bar for lunch, good payundesirable work hours"

double checker (Former Employee) says

"Picked and pulled orders, then double check the orders and prepare them for shipment. No life/work balance at all during busy season. You're moving or standing in one spot for 10-12 hours.Expect 7am-8pm days monday - friday and sometimes saturdays. Huge lack of communications in operations, and you wont find out if you work holidays till the day before. High turn over ratesFree downtown parking, bonuseslong hours, no work/life balance"

Junior Software Developer (Current Employee) says

"The I.T. department (internally) is run quite well. The team itself is very cohesive/collaborative. Each person has their own unique skill set and is used in a fairly selective way to enhance company I.T. infrastructure/resources. However, the issue with I.T. is how senior and executive level management exercises the use of I.T. resources. It's VERY haphazard based on certain personnel's connections (interpersonal rather than business need/efficacy) to executive management. This tends to cause chaos within the group as we're told to try and abide by the TFS (GitHub), prioritization system put into place by executive level management, but it's executive level management themselves that will often come by a developers office to tell them to start working on a specific project or process, thus circumventing the tools in place to navigate an actual project development cycle. There rea also double standards regarding factually based analysis regarding new or updated processes with some employees, but very rigid processes regarding others.Comfortable work environment, family like atmosphere.Difficult to develop new skills or create buy-in for skills development by upper management, benefits are so-so compared to current trends. Work tends to be monotonous, or unrealistic, tend to not listen to I.T. recommendations."

Julius says

"I wish I would have avoided doing business with this company. They will not stand by you if packages are lost and will do everything they can to ignore you. Research who you buy your precious metals from. These people do not care about their customers. I recommend staying far away from this company."

Harry KASBARIAN says

"my items were stolen this company tells me to wait 6 weeks.i just spoke to a manager very rude guy his name was John not helpful at all. some one stole my silver from my mail box and these people are not helpful at all buyer beware they rude people. i am going to my credit card and dispute the charges."

Watauga says

"Failed to send the coin ordered. At all. Claimed they did. NEVER got my money back. NEVER even got a respectful response. They committed clear theft in my case. I would NEVER do business with this company again. NEVER."

Dry Pro Drain says

"So, I’ve been buying from APMEX now called one gold for years never had a problem until July 2020 when I was out of town for a few days and UPS left my “adult signature require” package at my front door. Well, it was stolen 5 gold double eagles with 11K. After filing a police report have UPS admit they made a mistake and gave me a claim number so APMEX or gold one could fill out and have insurance cover my big loss they won’t do it. You can’t even get a hold of anyone anymore just voice mail and email that they never reply to or call me. I’m so disgutsed with APMEX and how they don’t care. Now I don’t know what to do but sue them I guess. I see that I’m not the only one that’s having this problem either. Stay away ftom this company they are not the Same company like you may know."

John says

"I ordered a "brilliant uncirculated" 1921 Peace Dollar from APMEX. I sent the coin into NSC for grading and it came back slabbed with the notice: Coin cleaned; AU features". Certainly not the coin advertised. I called the company and they refused a refund, saying it was past the advertised return date and that I had probably cleaned the coin myself, then sent it in. Do not patronize this shabby and disrespectful business."

Michael McNally says

"APMEX is a terrible compny to order from. As you can read in other reviews, You pay for your purchase, they ship it and then it mysteriously is called back from UPS. APMEX will say they do not know why. In the meantime, you are out $13,866.00 and they say they will not refund your payment or send another order out until they receive the original order back. In the meantime, UPS shows the shipment as sitting in Oklahoma for a week! DO NOT BUY FROM AMPEX."

Brent says

"My package was never delivered (not because of Apmex) tocme abd was returned to apmex. I was told once they received and processed the package I would get my refund. I called a week after they had received it and was told they would have my refund by the end of the week. I didn’t. I called the following week and was told the same thing. I called the week after because they had now had the items back for 23 days and still had not processed it and I still had not received a refund. I called again and was told it would be done by the end of the day. I inquired about anything that they could do to keep my business (this was my first order ever from them and with all the issues I wasn’t planning on ordering from them again) I was told that only Rebecca, the manager, could make that decision and she would reach out to me before the end of the business day. Long story short, she never reached out. My refund is currently being processed by my bank but because of the break down in communication and difficulty on getting a refund for items I never received I won’t be placing any more orders with apmex"

John Ramm says

"The real test of any business is when “not” if a problem occurs. Problems are part of doing business I understand that. As an Elite status you would assume that if would mean something of value. It’s just marketing. I received a delivery short of product. Multiple phone calls and no follow up. Agents won’t elevate the call. Just stone wall any possibility of further help. Just a number to them. Bottom line they do a lot right if there are no errors. Good luck getting help when they don’t. Customer for 4 years.... No longer!!"

Carlos Hernandez says

"WORSE company ever. I ordered several coins and some gold - package got misplaced and APMEX seems not to care. I can't believe the service and the poor quality of APMEX representatives. DO NOT ORDER FROM APMEX."

Aaron says

"I set out to sell 7 gold krugerrands and 2 austrian philharmonics. As Apmex is in OK City and 20 miles from my house they seemed a logical place to try. In a word, they are not a viable venue for selling your precious metals. They are PREDATORY. The guy I spoke with first tried offering me a fixed amount for the lot of 7 krugers and 2 austrian phils. I then said something like, "I can't wrap my head around this. How much are you offering above/below spot?". He then said, $22 BELOW spot for krugerrands. I then informed him he simply was NOT competitive and dealer XXX was offering $10 ABOVE. He then launched into this diatribe about "make sure you find out how long it takes to get money in your account, yada yada yada". I countered with: "I store metal with them. I've bought from them before. They clear checks overnight and I have metal in my hands within two days. I store metal with them. They therefore have my banking information. I've sold to them. They ACH transfer to my bank account & I have money the following day.". I thanked him for his time."

Stel Kran says

"Purchased 20 APMEX five-ounce silver bars when spot was just under $18/ounce for $1857 January 2018. Called APMEX to sell them back today (spot hovering over $27/ounce) but was quoted a paltry $2030 by their purchasing team. Essentially the spot price of silver rose over 50% but after the dust settles I profit 9% by doing biz with APMEX. Not savvy for any investor to conduct transactions in this manner. Glad I limited my initial purchase understanding that transaction fees and administrative costs with APMEX hamper profit off the back end. Sad to see others who bought triple digits were burned. Nobody speaks of the buyback side of things. Definitely something to consider unless you're trying to hold for the long run."

Mark Taylor says

"Order Silver shipped by UPS what a bloody useless they saying delivery after 9pm think I have to wait all night it joke worst is they cancel it return back to them then shipped again but next is same as after 9 pm . I dont use UPS use USPS . APMEX reject me as contiune use cowboy shipped UPS this is my last one order with APMEX. UPS are cowboy so APMEX are too"

Benjamin says

"I have ordered several times with no issues. But my latest order was said to be a three week backorder, ok no problem, right?. Nope!! it's on the third delay and said to be shipping Dec 31 (yeah right). Whatever, they offered a refund, but it's not going to be here for Christmas, and who wants to wait three months when you were initially told three weeks. This is my last apmex order. Bold, JM and Monument will get most of my business from now on. Two stars for the two orders I got from them that were ok."

Ronnie says

"My check arrived unsigned ( my oversight) so it was late getting to them! I read an e mail headline from them they said PAYMENT CONFORMATION so I didn’t open it thinking they are confirming my payment received!! Then days later i get another e mail saying order canceled for non payment!! I called to explain an asked for a supervisor to call me ( never happened) Well my check was cashed but never received my order !!"

Consumer says

"I have bought coins from Apmex before and have always been very satisfied. However, recently I purchased six American Silver Eagles that were BU and one was very tarnished. I would not consider this coin to be in BU condition. I called Apmex and the person I talked to was very courteous and helpful. She stated that I could exchange the coin or get my money back for this coin. After weighing the trouble of sending it back, I went to a local coin shop and exchanged it for a coin of the same year in pristine condition for $3. Have kinda lost some faith dealing with Apmex after this experience."

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